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Schools & Centres

Through our specialist Schools & Centres, Jain University is able to offer a large range of quality programmes enabling the development of specialist knowledge in your chosen area of study and allowing studies to be tailored to specific interests.

School of Graduate Studies
School of Graduate Studies offers undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in languages, pure sciences, life sciences, computer application, humanities and social sciences.

Center for Management Studies
Center for Management Studies (CMS) is a top-notch educational institute that imparts learning in management and entrepreneurial studies with precision. It foster a climate in which ideas and intellectual property generated are used to full advantage for graduates who are of high intellectual and innovative ability and make major impacts in a wide range of work places and throughout society.


Center for Post Graduate Studies
Located in Jayanagar, Center for Post Graduate Studies specializes in subjects related to biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, physics and electronics. It is a dedicated and innovative institution which enhances all aspects of postgraduate education, research and development.

School of Engineering & Technology
Jain University Engineering pushes the frontiers of modern science and engineering through teaching and research. School of Engineering & Technology offers a volley of programmes that involve theoretical and practical learning in equal measure in order to sculpt potential engineers to perfection.


Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education
The Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Education undertakes research in the field of democracy studies and Indian politics. The centre promotes research in new teaching methodologies and dissemination through innovative tools kits, workshops and other outreach programmes.


Centre for Disaster Mitigation
The Centre for Disaster Mitigation aims at carrying out research, teaching, testing and consultancy in the areas of earthquakes, floods & droughts, fire safety engineering and industrial waste utilization with a view to develop a group of well-trained man power catering to the ever increasing needs of the country in the field of Disaster Mitigation.


Centre for Emerging Technologies
The Centre for Emerging Technologies established under the aegis of industry institute relationship programme is a global hub for promoting new technologies and undertaking research and consultancy in diverse domains of engineering.


Centre for Nano and Material Sciences
Centre for Nano and Material Sciences (CNMS) has oriented its research in chemistry focusing on Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Neurochemistry and Energy materials. It offers a critical mass of world class researchers with unique capabilities and expertise in nano-structured assemblies, electrochemical phenomena, catalyst materials integral to energy conversion and storage sensing technologies, together with clinical characteristics of anti neuro-inflammatory potentials.


International Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Management
International Institute for Aerospace Engineering and Management is involved in cutting edge research and generates a pool of technical manpower skilled in Aircraft Design, Avionics, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Airport Infrastructure & Management both at the Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Research levels. It is supported by academic institutions and Industrial organizations like ISRO, HAL, Airports Authority of India, NAL, Air India, BIAL, CIAL and many more.


Chenraj Roychand Centre for Entrepreneurship
Chenraj Roychand Centre for Entrepreneurship promotes entrepreneurial development, business incubation, empirical research & action research in the area of Entrepreneurship. Till date 42 companies have been incubated. The areas of business operations include hospitality, investment advisory, software services through telecommunication, interior design, hotel industry, niche marketing & educational services.

Centre for Research in Pure and Applied Sciences
A recent initiative of the Jain University aimed at promoting research in frontier areas of basic and applied sciences for our faculty and students.

Centre for Ancient History & Culture
The centre is established with a view to present an objective analysis of Ancient History. The research work in the centre intends to review scholarly works on Vedic culture and present Indian history in the right perspective. The thrust areas of research would include: Vriksha Ayurveda, Psychology & History.

Centre for Indian Psychology
The first ever university-based Centre for Indian Psychology was started by HNA to undertake rigorous research work in the field of Indian Psychology to establish a strong theoretical foundation as well as to evoke methods that would facilitate the study and applications of Indian Psychology in academics and the professional domain.

Centre for Advanced Studies in Biosciences
The centre has been established to undertake research and studies in Biological sciences with an integrated approach encompassing the whole gamut of the plant sciences in ancient and modern standpoint. It is the firm belief of the university that a Holistic approach is necessary in order to understand the various facets of the biological system specially its Indian point of view.

CMS Business School
CMS Business School, a part of Jain University, is India's leading business school with an international perspective. The school offers a combination of learning, consulting, facilitation, coaching and research that is directly applied to the realities and challenges being faced by organizations.

School of Commerce and Management Studies
School of Commerce and Management Studies offers portfolio of graduate and postgraduate courses in subjects such as Commerce, Finance, Management and Business studies, these programmes are internationally recognised and equip students with the study skills and business-orientated thinking critical to modern & global commerce.


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