“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.” – Scott Belsky, Co-Founder of Behance

We believe entrepreneurs are vital for a nation’s growth. They are assets that need to be encouraged. Their innovations help in improving the quality of life, create employment, and drive economic growth. And to do our bit in nurturing young minds to think out-of-the-box and start ventures in areas that they are interested in and will help the community at large, JAIN (Deemed-to-be University) has an entrepreneurial wing - the Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship.

The Chenraj Roychand Center for Entrepreneurship (CRCE) brings together academics, student entrepreneurs, and incubated companies for the study and practice of entrepreneurship.

CRCE works with the potential entrepreneur to inculcate in them the knowledge and the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur. These are skills that are not just theoretical but also practical exposing them to realities and difficulties that one may face in the real world.

To provide a platform for entrepreneurs to put into practice gave rise to the business incubation arm of CRCE known as JGI Ventures. JGI Ventures takes on the task of incubating the concept into reality with a strong backing. The support structure at JGI Ventures is unique and has elements such as mentors, seed capital, and benefits of an extensive existing network that are available to entrepreneurs as required. Many innovative areas are planned for learning, group work, and research. One such area is the Entrepreneurship Hatchery. This incubator space is an excellent venue for mentorship opportunities that brings together the skills, experiences, and networks of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, venture capitalists, and other professionals who can help students navigate the process of taking their great ideas from the concept stage to the marketplace. It helps them understand the needs of emerging businesses - offering perspective on the market and the opportunities and risks faced in business.

Start your own Business

Some of the University’s path-breaking initiatives to provide innovators a platform to understand the important aspects of a business and see their dreams come true are Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI) and the JUiNCUBATOR.

Recognizing that sustainability, relevance, and the need to blend eastern and western practices is the way to move forward, KEMI aims to sustain and advance the entrepreneurial agenda in a focused manner, through meaningful endeavors in entrepreneurship and business formation.

JUiNCUBATOR is a joint initiative by JAIN (Deemed-to-be University), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, and ALSTOM India Limited. JUiNCUBATOR engages with startups at the national level and concentrates on providing an end-to-end ecosystem to startups in the following core areas - Energy and Environment, Agriculture and Allied Fields, Novel and Nanomaterials, Internet of Things, and Information and Communications Technology.

It provides tremendous scope for entrepreneurs to develop their business and contribute to the GDP growth of India. JUiNCUBATOR has a network of eminent professionals, academicians, bankers, venture capitalists, and businessmen, who can extend support to new ventures through mentoring and management training.